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Transfer of Credit

Advanced standing for a course already successfully completed elsewhere may be granted on an individual basis to students as either (1) transfer credits, or (2) credit by exam.


No more than nine (9) credits of coursework will be accepted for Advanced Standing during a student’s tenure at Columbia Nursing. Exception: Post-BS DNP program students may request up to 21 credits of coursework for Advanced Standing. Only courses taken before enrolling at the School of Nursing will be considered.  Advanced Standing Requests should be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs:


Office of Academic Affairs   

Phone: 212-342-3920

Fax: 212-305-2139


In order for course(s) taken at another school to be considered the syllabus for such course, an official transcript with course grade, and a written request must be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs. This request must be submitted prior to the first semester the student is enrolled at the School of Nursing. The Associate Dean of Academics will review the materials and forward eligible requests to the faculty responsible for the course. Advanced standing is granted at the discretion of the faculty.

Transfer credits:
  • Are based on documentation of comparable graduate or doctoral level coursework at an accredited college or university
  • Are applicable for a course completed within the last five years
  • Are not applicable for a course taken at another school while enrolled in Columbia Nursing
  • Require a grade of B or better in the course
  • Will not exceed the number of credits for the course offered at Columbia Nursing
  • Will not exceed the number of credits granted by the outside school
  • Carry no fee for processing
Credit by exam:
  • Is available for some didactic courses
  • Is obtained by passing an exam given by Columbia Nursing
  • Carries a fee of $125 per credit, required at the time of request
  • Is dependent upon successful completion of the exam with a grade of B or better
  • Is available at the discretion of the course instructor
Exceptions to the above are as follows:
N6100 & N6121 (Advanced Physiology & Pathophysiology Across the Lifespan) N7001 & N7002 (Normal Physiology and Pathophysiology Across the Lifespan I & II)
N6835 (Assessing Clinical Evidence) N7000 (Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice)
N8290 (Incorporating Genetics in Advanced Practice Nursing)

N9290 (Incorporating Genetics and Genomics in Advanced Practice Nursing)*

*Except students in DNP program must complete additional Genomics component of N9290 for 2 credits

N6290 (Health and Social Policy: The Context for Practice and Research)

N7005 (Health and Social Policy in the Context of Practice)
  • PhD students: coursework taken outside of Columbia University, while enrolled as a student at the School, will be accepted as transfer credit if it is essential to the student's area of study and similar coursework is not offered within the University.

Updated April 5, 2017