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A Legacy of Interdisciplinary Training

The Center for Interdisciplinary Research to Prevent Infections has been home to 26 pre- and postdoctoral trainees funded by two NIH training grants: Training in Interdisciplinary Research to Reduce Antimicrobial Resistance (TIRAR: T90 NR010824; 2007-2012) and Training in Interdisciplinary Research to Prevent Infections (TIRI: T32 NR01345; 2012-2017). Funded by the National Institute for Nursing Research, both TIRAR and TIRI were designed to provide infection prevention researchers with expert mentorship within their fields of study, as well as didactic and practical training on how to work collaboratively in interdisciplinary teams to address complex research topics. A two credit course designed to support this goal entitled “Building Interdisciplinary Research Models” continues to be a training requirement or elective for several schools on the Columbia University Medical Center campus. 



TIRAR and TIRI fellows were trained in a variety of biomedical disciplines including medicine, nursing, epidemiology, informatics, microbiology, and computer science. A complete list of our fellows is provided below.


Mansi Agarwal, PhD – Pre-doctoral TIRI fellow, 2016-2017

Kimberly Alvarez, MPH – Pre-doctoral TIRI fellow, 2012-2014

Montina Befus, MPH, PhD – Pre-doctoral TIRI fellow, 2014-2016; Postdoctoral TIRI fellow, 2016-2017

Tiffani Bright, PhD – Pre-doctoral TIRAR fellow, 2008-2009

Sarah Clock, PhD, MPH – Postdoctoral TIRAR fellow, 2007-2009

Catherine Crawford Cohen, PhD, RN – Pre-doctoral TIRI fellow, 2013-2014

Laurie Conway, PhD, MS, CIC – Pre-doctoral TIRAR fellow, 2011-2012; Pre-doctoral TIRI fellow, 2012-2013

Yamnia Cortes, PhD, MPH, FNP-BC – Pre-doctoral TIRI fellow, 2013-2015

Richard Eastman, PhD – Postdoctoral TIRAR fellow, 2010

Amanda Hessels, PhD, MPH, RN, CIC, CPHQ – Postdoctoral TIRI fellow, 2014-2016

Jennifer Horan, MD, PharmD – Postdoctoral TIRAR fellow, 2009-2011

Nowai Keleekai, PhD, RN – Pre-doctoral TIRAR fellow, 2010-2012

Ana Kelly, PhD, RN – Postdoctoral TIRI fellow, 2015-2017

Timothy Landers, PhD, FNP – Postdoctoral TIRAR fellow, 2008-2009

Ettie Lipner, PhD, MPH – Pre-doctoral TIRAR fellow, 2007-2009

Heidi Luft, PhD, RN – Pre-doctoral TIRI fellow, 2014-2017

Bianca Malcolm, PhD, MPH – Pre-doctoral TIRAR fellow, 2007-2008

Benjamin Miko, MD, MS – Postdoctoral TIRAR fellow, 2010-2012

Ann-Margaret Navarra, PhD, CPNP-BC – Pre-doctoral TIRAR fellow, 2009-2011; Postdoctoral TIRAR fellow 2011-2012; Postdoctoral TIRI fellow 2012-2013

Shelia Nemeth, MPH, MPhil – Pre-doctoral TIRI fellow, 2015-2017

Zainab Osakwe, RN, MSN, MPhil – Pre-doctoral TIRI fellow, 2016-2017

Stephanie Pouch, MD, MS – Postdoctoral TIRI fellow, 2012-2014

Daniel Scanfeld, PhD, MS, MA – Pre-doctoral TIRAR fellow, 2008-2010

Tanyka Smith, PhD, FNP-BC – Postdoctoral TIRI fellow, 2013-2015

Samantha Stonbraker, PhD, MPH, RN – Pre-doctoral TIRI fellow, 2013-2016

May Uchida, PhD, MSN, GNP-BC – Pre-doctoral TIRAR fellow, 2011-2012



TIRAR and TIRI fellows produced over 80 publications and presented over 65 conference abstracts during their training years. A selection of these works are provided below. 


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