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Become a CIRI Affiliate Member

There are a number of affiliated funded projects at Columbia University Medical Center under the rubric of CIRI, an established Center supported by the Columbia University School of Nursing. CIRI serves as an umbrella coordinating center to foster and sustain a community of interdisciplinary scholars working collectively to achieve its central mission: to prevent infections through innovative interdisciplinary research.

Researchers and trainees from all disciplines are committed to developing research skills congruent with the aims of CIRI are encouraged to become CIRAR affiliate members. Activities include monthly symposia, interdisciplinary courses, and training opportunities. CIRI also provides infrastructure to researchers committed to developing interdisciplinary research teams and preparing grant proposals for funding. We encourage graduate students to develop theses and dissertation projects in collaboration with our funded, senior researchers and/or to seek consultation from core staff for interdisciplinary projects related to the reduction of antimicrobial resistance. Those interested in participating should sign up for the CIRI Listserv. For collaboration opportunities, visit our Funded Projects page to learn about our current member activities, projects, and research interests, as well as contact information. Contact Elaine Larson, PhD (Director) or Bevin Cohen (Project Manager) for more information.

CIRI Affiliate Member Benefits

CIRI affiliate members can take advantage of networking, administrative and other benefits offered by CIRI, including:

  • Intellectual and academic support, networking and mentoring for scholarly work related to infection prevention
  • Space for meetings/seminars
  • Office space and supplies (desk, phone, etc) for personnel
  • Food for meetings
  • Financial tracking of purchases and budgetary management across the CIRI accounts
  • Establishment and maintenance for a project page on the CIRI website
  • Listserv access for dissemination of announcements and updates
  • Interdisciplinary planning and coordinating of seminars, meetings, and symposia
  • Operational support (e.g., setting up team meetings, facilitating communication among CIRI PIs)
  • Pilot funds, as available, for interdisciplinary projects