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Center for Children and Families

The Center for Children and Families at Columbia Nursing is committed to improving the lives of children and families throughout the world by identifying, preventing, and reducing the effects of physiologic and social trauma on health.

Recent research activities include data mining and ethnographic studies to demonstrate maternal health outcomes in Bangladesh, identification of biophysical markers for stress and resilience in traumatized women, the development of a parental engagement scale for parents of ill children, and testing a program developed to support parenting during maternal separations.The Center has pioneered research on incarcerated mothers and their young children and continues to study their health-related needs during reentry.

Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Children and Families is to improve the health of children and families at risk through the generation and sharing of clinical and research knowledge, consultation, education, advocacy, and promotion of innovative clinical practice.


The center’s objective is to provide the infrastructure to inspire, promote, and integrate culturally sensitive research and practice that will ensure optimum health for children and their families.


The broad goals of this center are to create and disseminate knowledge for practice and research with families and children at risk, and toward that end, to provide scholarly resources for faculty and students, to support creative translational partnerships within the School and between the School and the professional and lay communities, and to foster education for advanced practice and research in nursing.


  • Provide leadership in the sharing of knowledge relevant to the mission among faculty, students, and the professional community
  • Develop and support research initiatives that identify and test interventions to meet the complex needs of children and families at risk
  • Facilitate transdisciplinary partnerships for education, practice and research
  • Support and promote evidence-based clinical interventions to improve the health status and the lives of children, families, and communities at risk
  • Advocate on behalf of the children and families
  • Offer consultation to the professional and lay communities focusing on children and families at risk


The Stone Foundation and Elise D. Fish Professor of Health Care for the Underserved
Phone: 212-305-3976