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Global Programs and Activities

Columbia Global Centers

The Office of Global Initiatives has established linkages with the Columbia Global Centers in Amman, Jordan; Nairobi, Kenya; and establishing linkages in Rio de Janiero, Brazil; and Santiago, Chile. Columbia Nursing plans to work with nursing leadership in these counties to establish a cross-regional group of researchers who will identify priorities in nursing research, and build capacity to conduct this research.


Additionally, Columbia Nursing collaborates with Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health ICAP’s Global Nurse Capacity Building Program, which aims to increase the capacity of nurses and midwives, at pre- and in-service, regulatory and policy levels. The program is situated under the leadership of Ministries of Health to ensure country leadership, ownership, and sustainability. This partnership operates in South Africa, Swaziland,Lesotho, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Cote D’Ivoire.

La Romana Project

In conjunction with IFAP, Columbia Nursing students who fulfill clinical hours at Clinica de Familia in La Romana, Dominican Republic gain a heightened awareness and understanding of the world and of themselves.

Clinica de Familia is the largest HIV clinic in the eastern Dominican Republic, offering care and antiretroviral treatment to 1,600 children and adults with HIV each year. During its 15 years of operation, the clinic has grown and now also oversees MAMI, the Maternal-Infant Health Annex, working as a public/private collaboration with a large Ministry of Health provincial hospital across the street. MAMI offers adolescents sexual and reproductive health services and education, including a large prenatal care program and family planning services.

Students are integrated into the staff and work a full work week, usually rotating through the clinic, MAMI and the hospital. Students also take on projects that increase the quality of care or support the overall ongoing work. Recent projects have included creating products such as patient educational modules, patient satisfaction surveys and needs assessment research.

The GK (Gonoshasthaya Kendra) Project in Bangladesh

Columbia Nursing’s Center for Children and Families has sponsored several pilot projects collaborating with the GK, a heathcare NGO in Bangladesh including research investigating ways to reduce maternal death during childbirth in this southeast Asian nation. To address this issue, Columbia Nursing faculty and students have conducted educational workshops for GK’s paramedics — healthcare workers trained by the NGO who deliver comprehensive services to patients across the country — as well as to the traditional birth attendants (TBAs) who deliver more than 80 percent of Bangladeshi babies in the home.