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Adapted May 1, 2009

Mission Statement

The School of Nursing Alumni Association of Columbia University and Presbyterian Hospital supports Columbia Nursing and its mission, core values and ethics. It promotes the role of nursing in the health care system and in society. In particular, it helps link alumni to students and faculty of the school and furthers fellowship among its alumni.

The Alumni Association works in partnership with Columbia Nursing and its Development and Alumni Affairs Office to encourage all alumni to connect with the School through programs and services that address the needs of its members.

All graduates of the Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing and Columbia University School of Nursing are members of the Alumni Association.


Annual Meeting

The Alumni Association will meet formally once per year in conjunction with Alumni Reunion. Other meetings will be held as needed.

Role and Function

The Board will be representative of the alumni body and will provide the leadership to the Alumni Association. The Board will work closely with the Development and Alumni Affairs staff to establish goals and programmatic priorities and to serve as a link between the school and its alumni body. Committees may be established as needed to support the role and function of the Alumni Association and the school.

Board Operations

The Board (no less than 10 members and no more than 20) will meet twice a year, once in conjunction with Alumni Reunion and once in the fall.

Board Leadership

The Board will have a president, vice president, secretary and directors as needed and determined by the Board. The Columbia Nursing Dean and Associate Dean of Development and Alumni Affairs serve as ex-officio members of the Board.

Term Limits

Officers and directors will serve a three year term with a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Nominating Process

The nominating committee will be chaired by a member of the Board and selected by the Board. Nominations for Board members are presented at Alumni Reunion each year and voted on by members present.

Board Member Position Description

Board members should demonstrate a dedication to the School and a commitment to participate. Board members are expected to attend meetings and make an annual contribution to the School.

In addition to the above, the president will represent Columbia Nursing on the Columbia Alumni Association (CAA), in accordance with the by-laws of CAA. The president will also work with the Dean of Columbia Nursing and the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs to establish goals and programmatic priorities for all matters related to alumni. The president will attend as many regional alumni events and meetings as possible. The vice president will assume the responsibilities of the president if he/she is indisposed.

Ex-officio Members

All former Board members are considered ex-officio members of the Board and may attend all Board meetings as non-voting members.