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Alumni Association Committees

Stay connected and get involved with the Alumni Association and Columbia Nursing and join a comittee:

Recent Alumni Engagement Committee

The purpose of this committee is to deepen recent graduates’ involvement with Columbia Nursing, including events and initiatives that would drive engagement, and increase recent graduates’ participation in the Annual Fund.  We understand (and appreciate) that your time as a participant is valuable; this role is flexible—you can commit as little or as much time as our schedule allows.  View the various ways to get involved in the Recent Alumni Engagement Committee.

Reunion Committee Member

Reunion committees are made up of a core group of volunteers for each class/program who take the lead on specific areas of the reunion.  We seek two (or more) Reunion Committee members who can serve as liaisons for their class during the reunion planning process.  Tasks for Reunion Committees include:

  • Encouraging classmates to attend reunion
  • Sharing address changes and email changes with the School
  • Endorsing letters, postcards, and e-mails to classmates encouraging attendance at reunion
  • Fundraising for the class gift
  • Planning events outside of the Columbia Nursing program, such as a Thursday or Friday night dinner or cocktail reception

Annual Fund Committee Member

Annual Fund committee members are an important part of Columbia Nursing's fundraising efforts and assist the Annual Fund chair with fundraising. Committee members encourage classmates to support the Annual Fund and communicate with donors.

Current Annual Fund Committee Members:

  • Beth Zedeck '04 '06 Chair
  • Ellen Soley Adkins '81
  • Laura Pearson Armstrong '85
  • Rhonda Brockington '03
  • Susan Furlaud '09
  • Ellen Gottesman Garber '76
  • Christa Simpson Heinsler '76
  • Linda L. Hinkley '95
  • Mary Dickey Lindsay '45
  • Gilbert Charles Simpkins '10

Distinguished Alumni Awards Committee

The Distinguished Alumni Awards (DAA) Committee, is composed of alumni from both CUSONAA and CUPHSONAA, and review all DAA nominations and determine each year’s award recipients. The awards are presented at Alumni Reunion each spring at Columbia Nursing. Click here to learn more about the Distinguished Alumni Awards.