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Building the Future for Columbia Nursing

From the Dean

  • Bobbie Berkowitz, Dean, Columbia University School of Nursing
    These are times of exceptional transformation and progress at Columbia University School of Nursing. For 125 years, Columbia Nursing has prepared students to excel as clinicians, researchers, and nurse leaders in a rapidly evolving healthcare system. 2017 marks this milestone anniversary year for the school. It is also the year we will open our new state-of the art building. The knowledge and skill required by an ever-changing, increasingly complex healthcare landscape makes it more crucial than ever to provide the optimal learning environment for our future nurse leaders. Columbia Nursing has always been a driving force that transforms nursing and education. We look forward to honoring and celebrating this legacy with our new building in this very special anniversary year. Read More Support Our Future

Why I Give

  • Rear Adm. Tina Alvarado, ’81

    Deputy Chief, U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Reserve Policy and Integration

    “Looking back on my 28 year career, I realize I owe a lot to the school where I acquired solid clinical skills and developed into a self-confident young woman; someone willing to take risks for a worthy cause.”
  • Delphine Mendez de Leon ’78

    “I give back to Columbia Nursing because my education has enabled me to enact change in healthcare”
  • Megan Christian Wright ’82

    “When I learned about Columbia Nursing’s new building, I wanted to give in honor of my late friend. I hope that the next generation of Columbia nurses will use The Kim Nathan Wright and Megan Christian Wright Conference Room to collaborate, and build close relationships with each other, just like Kim and I did.”

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