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Tuition and Fees


2017/2018 TUITION/Fees* Estimated Cost
Master of Science Courses $1,494/credit
Doctor of Nursing Practice/PhD Courses $1,930/credit
Advanced Standing Exam Fee $125/credit
Transcript Fee $105
Technology Fee $50/term
Program Fee $50/term
Student Activities Fee $35/term
CUMC Computer Access Fee $195/term
On-Campus Housing (estimated) $780-$1,200/month
Off-Campus Housing (estimated) $850-$1,800/month
Health Service Student Fee** $1,677 annually
Medical Insurance Plans (gold student) $3,749 annually

*Students holding a non-resident visa will be charged a $50 per term International Service Charge Fee.

**The student health service fee is mandatory for all nursing students. 


Projected 2018/2019 Tuition/Fees

Starting in summer 2018, the Masters Direct Entry (MDE) program will now be charged a flat rate tuition per term. The summer 2018 flat rate tuition for new full-time MDE students will be $26,874, with a projected increase of 3% for the fall and spring terms. Projected increases in tuition are determined by the Board of Trustee of Columbia University when they convene in June. 


Financial Aid Appeals Process

Columbia Nursing recognizes that a student’s total expenses for the academic year may exceed the standard cost of attendance. The appeal form allows the Office of Financial Aid to examine selected education related expenses and evaluate a student's option for additional loan funding.


You will need to submit a Budget Appeal Form with the required documentation to the Office of Financial Aid. The appeal may take 12-15 business days to process. Decisions are based upon your provided documentation and are directed by administrative parameters previously established by Columbia University School of Nursing. All decisions are final. Once a decision is made on a student's appeal request, an email will be sent to the student.