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Tuition and Fees


Projected 2017/2018 Courses/Fees** Estimated Cost
Master of Science Courses $1,494/credit
Doctor of Nursing Practice/PhD Courses $1,930/credit
Advanced Standing Exam Fee $125/credit
Transcript Fee $105
Technology Fee $50/term
Program Fee $50/term
Student Activities Fee $35/term
CUMC Computer Access Fee $195/term
On-Campus Housing (Estimated) $780-$1,200/month
Off-Campus Housing (Estimated) $850-$1,800/month
Health Service Student Fee* $1,356 annually
Medical Insurance Plans (premium student) $4,560 annually

*The student health service fee is mandatory for all nursing students. Tuition is determined by the Board of Trustee of Columbia University in June. There may be a slight increase in tuition and fees, historically the increase has been 3%, but that has yet to be determined.

**Students holding a non-resident visa will be charged a $50 per term International Service Charge Fee.

Financial Aid Appeals Process

Columbia Nursing recognizes that a student’s total expenses for the academic year may exceed the standard cost of attendance. The appeal form allows the Office of Financial Aid to examine selected education related expenses and evaluate a student's option for additional loan funding.


You will need to submit a Budget Appeal Form with the required documentation to the Office of Financial Aid. The appeal may take 12-15 business days to process. Decisions are based upon your provided documentation and are directed by administrative parameters previously established by Columbia University School of Nursing. All decisions are final. Once a decision is made on a student's appeal request, an email will be sent to the student.