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Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships underwritten by alumni, friends, and foundations, as well as grants, loans, and employment opportunities are available to students to help finance their education at Columbia Nursing.

Ninety percent of new students last year received institutional scholarships, and Columbia Nursing awarded over 6 million in scholarships to new students. Many students also receive tuition reimbursement from their employers while in school, and doctoral students can apply for teaching assistantships (TA-ships) to help cover the cost of their tuition. Additionally, PhD students are fully funded for the first two years of their program, and DNP students may acquire a paid residency for their last two semesters of the DNP.


Need-Based Aid

Need-based institutional aid (grants, university loans, and scholarships) is calculated on the basis of financial strength as demonstrated by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and financial information provided by the student. Prior educational debt and the family's willingness to contribute to the student's educational costs are not factored into the aid decision.


To apply for institutional need-based aid, students must complete a FAFSA and enter Columbia University’s federal code 002707. Need based scholarships may be adjusted if there are significant changes (e.g., marriage, children, inheritances, tuition exemption, outside awards, family contribution, etc.) to a student's personal circumstances. Students are required to notify the Office of Financial Aid of any significant changes.


Students may also apply for Interschool Fellowships. These fellowships are need-based awards that are not restricted to students in one Columbia school or college. 


Merit-Based Aid

Merit-based institutional aid is given to students independently of their financial strength. The following are merit-scholarships currently available to students:

  • MDE/DNP Seamless Scholarship: Students who apply to the MDE/DNP combined program and who continue seamlessly from the MDE to the DNP will be awarded a $26,500 scholarship during the DNP program. This scholarship will be split evenly during the first and second years of the DNP program.
  • Teaching Assistantships: Assistantships are available to doctoral and graduate (MS) students. TA compensation is provided in the form of tuition exemption. Duties may include teaching, laboratory supervision, participation in faculty research, and other related activities. MS students are not eligible for a TA position in their first semester. Past TA positions do not ensure a position for future semesters. Students interested in a TA position should contact  A TA-ship will affect your financial aid. TAs are considered grants and will be added to your financial aid package. This may decrease your loan eligibility and portions of your loans may need to be returned to your lender. If offered a TA position, you must contact the Office of Financial Aid to discuss how this will affect your current financial aid package.  
  • Yellow Ribbon Program (up to $6,000): For veteran students. Learn more about the Yellow Ribbon Program.