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Manage your Financial Aid


Columbia Nursing uses a system called NetPartner for students to view and accept their financial aid awards. To access NetPartner, you will need your Columbia University personal identification number (also known as the C#, Student ID, or PID).
New students receive the PID from the Office of Financial Aid. Your password is your date of birth written as MMDDYYYY.
Returning or continuing students can find their PID on SSOL.
  • Once you log into SSOL, click on the top left link Academic Profile.
  • Underneath viewing options, change from "hide my name and personal data" to "show my name and personal data."
  • Click on right link, "Update View." Under "Identifiers," you will see PID: C##########.
  • Once you login to NetPartner, copy your PID to the Student ID.

Accepting/Declining your Awards

Once logged into NetPartner, please view the "Accept Awards" tab to see any financial aid (loans/scholarships) you received. 
If applicable, you may be able to decrease the amounts of some of your awards. If you would like to do so, just change the award amount in the box provided by writing in the adjusted amount yourself.
Once you have viewed your awards and adjusted any award amounts, select one of the following options from the drop down box: "accept" or "decline."
Then, click "Submit" to submit your decision to the Office of Financial Aid.
Alternative Eligibility: Alternative eligibility simple represents the difference between your entire cost of attendance and the amount of scholarships/loans in your initial financial aid package. For students who will be borrowing their entire cost of attendance, it represents the outstanding cost that they will need to borrow through another federal or private loan (or seek through an external scholarship). "Accepting" your alternative eligibility just lets the Office of Financial Aid know that you may want to seek additional loans/scholarships to cover your cost of attendance. "Accepting" or "Declining" your alternative eligibility is not binding, but just helps the Office of Financial Aid to know whether you will be seeking additional loans/scholarships.


Students seeking financial aid may need to complete some documents (like Entrance Counseling or a Master Promissory Note) in order to receive their aid.
Once in NetPartner, click on the "Documents" tab to view any documents you need to complete. The documents will either be marked as "Received" or "Not Received." 
You can access a document by clicking the link to the appropriate document. 
Once you complete a document, its status should change to "Received" within 5-7 business days UNLESS you are a new student starting in the summer term. For new students, documents will not be marked as received until May.


Click on the "Messages" tab in NetPartner to view more information about each scholarship/loan you were awarded in your financial aid package.