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Admissions FAQ

Does Columbia Nursing offer undergraduate degrees?
As a graduate school, Columbia Nursing does not offer a four-year undergraduate program. However, our Masters Direct Entry (MDE) program is available to those who have received an undergraduate degree in a non-nursing field and wish to make a career change.
Does Columbia Nursing offer distance learning?
Columbia Nursing does not offer distance learning, but classes are frequently computer resource enhanced.
Is part-time study available?
Columbia Nursing does not offer part-time programs. However, many of our programs allow students to work in some capacity, typically part-time or per diem.
Can I apply to multiple specialties for the DNP?
No, applicants may only choose one specialty.
Who reviews my application?
Applications are reviewed by an admissions committee composed of program directors, faculty, and admissions staff.
How are decision letters distributed?
Decision letters are posted to the online application. Once decisions are made, a notification email will be sent to the applicant.
Can I reapply if I don’t get accepted?
Absolutely. Applicants not offered admission are welcome to contact the Office of Admissions in May for tips on how to improve their application.
Does Columbia Nursing accept transfer credits from other schools?
Advanced standing for a course already successfully completed elsewhere may be granted on an individual basis to students as either 1) transfer credits, 2) credit by exam, or 3) course exemption. No more than nine credits of coursework will be accepted for Advanced Standing. Of these nine credits, a maximum of six may be transfer credits. Only courses taken before enrolling at Columbia Nursing will be considered. Course exemption, not transfer credit, may be granted for coursework which has been applied to an earlier degree but is deemed similar to Columbia Nursing course requirements. Learn more about our Transfer of Credit policy.
Is on-campus housing available?
More than 1,000 students reside on the Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) Campus in University accommodations. Both single student and couples housing is available for as many incoming students as possible. Although on-campus housing is not guaranteed, every effort is made to provide on-campus housing to students who live outside the metropolitan area. CUMC offers support to students seeking off-campus housing as well. Learn more at the CUMC Housing Web Site.
Does Columbia Nursing offer any resources for international applicants?
CCUMC's International Student and Scholars Office provides advice and counseling to international students on housing, financial issues, visas, extensions of stay, work permission, temporary departure from the United States, transfer from Columbia to another school, and termination of study. Learn more at the International Student and Scholars Office Web site. Please note that international applications are not accepted for the MS, Certificate, or DNP programs.