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2018 Columbia Nursing Graduates Talk About Memories, Passions, and Hopes for the Future


A collage of six Columbia Nursing 2018 graduates.
From top left: 2018 graduates Jonathan Ringer, Shazia Mitha, Meghan Reading, Monica Detomas, Linda Armstrong, and Kent Haina are looking forward to commencement and to the exciting future that lies ahead.

Columbia Nursing's 2018 commencement ceremony will take place on Tuesday, May 15. In preparation, we spoke with six graduates who pursued different programs and who are from diverse backgrounds...

Innovating Education for 21st-Century Care

Through collaboration and sharing of best practices with other health care institutions, Columbia Nursing is transforming nursing education

The train-wreck survivors are bloodied and bruised. A man with a broken nose begs for morphine, as does a woman whose gashed ankle reveals a protruding bone. Another woman, her wrist swollen and...

A New Home for Columbia Nursing

An Ultramodern Learning Environment for 21st Century Care

This fall students entered a new building and a new era for Columbia Nursing. The school’s 68,000 square foot structure, including a 2-story, high-tech simulation center, offers an ultramodern...

When all roads lead to nursing: Columbia Nursing’s Sally Aboelela discusses her path to the field and how she keeps student morale high

When Sally Aboelela, PhD, assistant professor, first came to Columbia Nursing in 2005, she was planning to enroll as a student to become a nurse. She had just finished her Doctorate in Physiology...

Columbia University School of Nursing Dedicates Its Cutting-Edge New Building

On Thursday, June 8, Columbia University School of Nursing welcomed faculty, alumni, and friends of the Columbia community to a dedication ceremony for the opening of its state-of-the-art new...