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Combined BS/MS Entry to Practice

The Combined BS/MS Entry to Practice (ETP) Program is an accelerated nursing program for non-nurse college graduates designed to prepare students for a career as a professional advanced practice nurse.

Academic studies are closely integrated with clinical experience. Pre-licensure study prepares the student for nursing practice followed by specialty study as an advanced practice nurse or doctoral study as researchers or advanced clinicians in clinical care or health policy.

The pre-licensure curriculum allows students to develop basic competence in professional nursing upon which to build advanced knowledge and skill in a chosen specialty during the post-licensure segment of the program. Clinical education receives major emphasis, with patient experiences beginning in the first term. Theory and precepted clinical practice are related to the promotion of health and prevention of illness, as well as to the care of the ill and their restoration to optimal wellness. Students work with patients in a variety of settings, such as clinics, hospitals, community centers, and homes.

The post-licensure specialty curricula prepare students for their chosen role in advanced practice nursing. Specialty study follows the curriculum for a specific clinical major. Students may select one of the following specialty majors for study: Acute Care, Anesthesia, Midwifery, Psychiatric Mental Health, Adult-Gerontology, Family, or Pediatric Primary Care. The PhD program prepares nurse scholars to examine, shape, and direct the practice of nursing and the evolving system of health care. The DNP program prepares nurse clinicians with the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary for fully accountable practice with patients across sites and over time.

Students begin the program in late May/early June (summer semester). The course sequencing has been designed to allow for a seamless progression through pre-licensure and specialty studies and post licensure studies.

The Program Director for the Combined Entry to Practice program is Karen Desjardins, MS, MPH, DNP, Assistant Dean.